Spring is a time for new beginnings…………

Aquatic Realm Scuba Center

Here in the Midwest we await the arrival of Spring with the same patience as a 6 year old waiting for Santa Claus.  We plan all of the things we are going to do once the weather warms up and things are new and alive again.  Our human spirit yearns for new beginnings.   At the dive shop we are busy getting ready for our local diving and all the season will bring.

PADI Divemaster

For a special few divers, they have spent the winter months deciding to take their love of diving to the next level.  Their new beginnings will be to go professional.  The call of sharing their knowledge and helping other people come to know and love this awesome activity is finally too strong for them to ignore.  And so they have enrolled in the PADI Divemaster course and will start their path to the most rewarding challenge in diving.  We will chronicle two of the divers here in our blog over the next few months and share their journey with you. These two gentlemen will become staff members of Aquatic Realm Scuba Center and we are excited to start their training.  Visit our Facebook page and website for the journey in pictures and videos. Class one is now under their belt and they have done their 400  and 800 yd. swims, the float, and rescue tows.  In 2 weeks they start learning how to transform their good skills into demonstration quality ones.

We hope you will follow their progress with us and perhaps decide the professional path is for you too!  Happy Diving!


The Dive Tribe

Divemasters MotivateSplashing could be heard resounding off the walls of our pool this week as a new group of tribe members began the process of the Divemaster program. Along with the good natured complaining and moaning (at times it was real) was the underlying sense of excitement and pride that each of them exuded.  They were doing it, they were actually on their way to becoming a Divemaster. Watching them meet their watermanship skill requirements, I realized that I was really looking forward to see what I would learn from this new group as they transform into Aquatic Realm Tribe Members.

By definition a Tribe is a group or family that shares common interests, beliefs or religion usually with one leader. Following that concept, a Dive Tribe would be a group of dive professionals that share a passion for diving, values and concern for the overall health of the worlds underwater environment.  At Aquatic Realm, our Tribe is a family of dedicated dive professionals and it is strengthened with the infusion of new tribe members that share our passion and commitment.  As a PADI Course Director I am proud to be their leader.

The process of becoming a Dive Tribe member begins with Divemaster.  While those of us in the dive community all recognize the term Divemaster, just what exactly does having that rating mean?

Most of us already know the basic requirements. To enroll in the PADI Divemaster program you must be at a minimum a Rescue Diver, 18 years of age, have 40 dives to enter the program and 60 dives to exit, be current in CPR and FA and complete all of the course training and requirements.

But what drives a diver to take the professional path?  It generally breaks down into 2 motivating factors:

  • a passion for advanced skills and knowledge for personal gratification
  • the desire to work in the industry and help other divers on their journey

You can do the program for only one or both of the reasons above, it is totally up to the individual. The Divemaster rating is the foundation for all levels of PADI professional training. Regardless of our ratings we all started our careers as Divemasters. Once enrolled, you are in a program not a course, become a candidate instead of a student and the Instructors involved in your training become your mentors.  Mentors that will guide you to:

  • Advanced dive knowledge in dive skills, the environment, equipment, dive planning, dive theory, physics and physiology
  • Exemplary dive skills
  • Training in Search and Recovery, Navigation and Deep Diving
  • Training and supervising techniques in working with both student divers and certified divers
  • Professional level rescue skills
  • The ability to anticipate, recognize and respond to the needs involved in training and supervising.
  • The skills to manage a dive site or dive boat efficiently and safely
  • Take your personal diving to a level of confidence and ability that you never knew was possible
  • To make a difference in someones dive and/or life

The path to professional is an individual journey with a  Dive Tribe guiding and supporting you every step of the way.  You learn a lot about yourself during this journey and realize you are part of a pretty amazing thing.  It isn’t just a slogan, we really do transform lives in the dive industry.  What a great job description! As an added bonus your training for professional will cross over into your non-diving life and enrich it too.

For some of us the path began with our first breath on SCUBA and for others it may have started during rescue training wondering if they could become a dive professional.  But where it starts doesn’t matter, all that really matters is that you go with it.  You will never regret the decision. A PADI professional is the most sought after dive rating in the world and  it isn’t given to us, we earn it.  So what are you waiting for……………


Now is the time to join the Dive Tribe!

Divemaster Orientation class is Free but requires registration. Call today at 937-428-9836 to register or visit the website for dates.