I Dive because there isn’t………

Curacao_Mar06_2488With all the chaos in the world right now I realized why Scuba Diving is so important to me.

I dive because there isn’t:

  1. Cell phones demanding attention
  2. Presidential candidates talking
  3. Senseless violence and death
  4. Constant Deadlines
  5. Unending Stress

I dive because there is:

  1. Peace of a world in balance
  2. Serenity of a weightless world
  3. Quiet only mother nature can offer
  4. Beauty of majestic proportions
  5. Relaxation of the mind, body and soul

The only demands on me while diving are the limit of my tank of air and the nitrogen in my body.

It is an opportunity to realize just how small we are in the grand scheme of things.  When mankind is removed from the scenario, nature seems to handle things just fine.

I dive because I can and I am thankful every day of my life that I do.  It is my reality check in a world going terribly wrong.


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PADI Course Director and Owner of Aquatic Realm Scuba Center in Dayton Ohio USA.