I Dive because there isn’t………

Curacao_Mar06_2488With all the chaos in the world right now I realized why Scuba Diving is so important to me.

I dive because there isn’t:

  1. Cell phones demanding attention
  2. Presidential candidates talking
  3. Senseless violence and death
  4. Constant Deadlines
  5. Unending Stress

I dive because there is:

  1. Peace of a world in balance
  2. Serenity of a weightless world
  3. Quiet only mother nature can offer
  4. Beauty of majestic proportions
  5. Relaxation of the mind, body and soul

The only demands on me while diving are the limit of my tank of air and the nitrogen in my body.

It is an opportunity to realize just how small we are in the grand scheme of things.  When mankind is removed from the scenario, nature seems to handle things just fine.

I dive because I can and I am thankful every day of my life that I do.  It is my reality check in a world going terribly wrong.


Livin’ the Dream….More than a Slogan

Divemasters LeadAround town or around the globe when we meet another dive professional and ask the “How’s it going” question, the answer will more than likely be “I’m livin’ the dream man, livin’ the dream.”  But this just isn’t a cutesy saying, for those of us than are lucky enough to have this job it is a dream come true.

Diving changed my life. It isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. It’s so much more than a job it really is a lifestyle. It is actually my third career.  I was a banker and then a general contractor and developer and those were great jobs but while I like to think I helped people in those career fields I can honestly say I never felt like I truly made a lasting difference in another persons life.  When I realized that I had the passion and talent to fulfill someone’s lifelong dream, start a child on the path in Marine Biology or help someone overcome what they perceived as a road block in becoming a diver, I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I don’t just help people dive I change their lives and it is the most rewarding feeling you will ever have.   It’s absolutely awesome to see that smile that goes ear to ear underwater and know it was put there by you.

Diving has made me immortal.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I am going to die some day but I am guaranteed that my passion and love of diving will live on forever firmly planted in the hearts of all the divers I have trained over the years.  So in my mind I will dive forever……………….and I can’t think of any better legacy to leave behind.

Each and every one of the staff shares the same passion and commitment to this sport and it’s never too late to start. We encourage you to stop by the dive center and chat with us about where diving can take you.

Aquatic Realm Logo k webIsn’t it time you were “Livin’ the Dream, too?”


Adventure for Valentines Day

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts will converge on Dayton, Ohio: The Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest for a weekend of outdoor skill, culadventure_summit_logoture and experience. Join them, and see what the excitement is all about!  Five Rivers Metro Park and Wright State University will once again bring us this fantastic opportunity to get out and move!  With activities, exhibits, free lectures and non-stop pool and indoor challenges, there will be something for everyone.  Aquatic Realm Scuba Center will once again be part of the event and as always, we will be offering a Try Scuba session in the Wright State Pool.   This is a great event and we are proud to be part of it.

Stop by and visit us at the booth.

Friday, Feb. 14th 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm & Saturday, Feb. 15th 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

For more information: http://theadventuresummit.com/

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A Magical Time of the Year

T’was right before Christmas and all across the land

Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas

The Scuba Elves were busy giving Santa a hand

At dive shops all over tanks were filled, gear was bought

Because holiday vacations were eagerly sought

We dream of White Christmases by that we mean sand

and water so blue it’s the sky in our hand

The crew at Aquatic Realm is packing it’s gear

We’re off on a holiday, these words we will hear

“Pools Open, go diving” the Divemaster will call

 We enter a world where we often feel small

 And as we sink slowly our Christmas begins

With Christmas tree worms and starfish within

Our night dives will twinkle like stars in the sky

As bioluminescence from our fins begins to fly

No matter if your Christmas white is sand or snow

We wish you safe journeys where ever you go

 We hope this year Christmas brings joy to your heart

Whether we are together or are worlds apart

And where ever you are these words you should hear

Merry Christmas, my friend, and a Happy New Year.