PADI Master Scuba Diver

A PADI Master Scuba Diver requires: Advanced Open Water rating, Rescue Diver rating, 5 specialties and 50 verified logged dives.

Specialties & Master Scuba Diver

PADI dive specialties vary in pre-requisites, number of dive and equipment, classroom and / or pool requirements. Please check with our dive professionals for complete information. Course Materials and equipment not included in prices.


$75 Non-Diving Specialties
Project Aware Specialist - AWARE Coral Reef Conservation - Equipment Specialist - Emergency Oxygen Provider


$75 Specialties
Fish Identification Diver - Boat Diver - Drift Diver - DSMB - Dive Against Debris - Peak Performance Buoyancy - Quarry Diver - U/W Naturalist - *Multilevel/Computer Diver - *AWARE - Shark Conservation Diver


$125 Specialties
Dry Suit Diver - *Night Diver - U/W Navigator - *Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Diver - U/W Videographer


$150 Specialties
**Deep Diver - *Search & Recovery Diver - **Wreck Diver

Self-Reliant Diver

Course Instruction - $295 / This is a Advanced Level Course - Must be 18years old

*Enriched Air Diver Specialty

Online Format - $230 / Book Format - $205 (training materials included)

Digital U/W Photographer Specialty

Online Format - $258 / Book Format - $200 (training materials included)

PADI Master Scuba Diver

The most Elite Rating in diving awaits you at Aquatic Realm Scuba Center. Let us help you map your path to joining this group.

Master Scuba Diver Requires Rescue Diver Rating, 50 verified logged dives and 5 PADI Specialties. Visit our Dive Center today to begin your journey to excellence.

12 - 14 year old divers may earn Junior Master Scuba Diver certifications. Divers 12 - 14 have a depth restriction of 60 feet (70 feet if Jr. Advanced Open Water Diver) and must always dive with a certified adult.

* Must Be 12 years old to participate ** Must Be 15 years old to participate

There may be other pre-requisite in order to participate in some specialties